Pre-planning is prepared at a time when you are thinking sensibly and logical. It is a way to let your wishes known to your loved ones left behind, keeping them from over spending out of guilt or shame.

Preplanning can be funded ahead of time to assure funds are available to pay for funeral expenses at the time death occurs, allowing your loved ones to grieve a loss of a loved one without a financial burden.

46% of survivors making funeral arrangements for a loved one do not have financial resources to pay for an average funeral. Why?

  • Lack of proper pre-planning
  • Insufficient insurance funds
  • Insurance coverage lapsed
  • Wrong type of insurance (accident insurance and not life insurance)
  • Lack of savings or assets
  • Medical expenses

When this occurs, someone has to borrow finances to cover the expenses from either a family member, employer, friends.

Pre-planning your funeral expenses is very simple and economically wise.

Funeral expenses are continually rising, doubling in cost on an average of every 7-10 years.

With a funeral trust (pre-planned funeral) you and your family can have peace of mind knowing that all your funeral expenses will be covered upon your death.

The type of funeral service you arrange for are made known to your loved ones that are left behind and the burden is taken off of them.

Contact us today with no obligations for more information on preplanning a funeral service. You may set up monthly payments under a 3, 5, 7, or 10 year pay plan, or make one single payment in full. With a funded pre-planned funeral plan your funeral cost are fully covered upon your death without any further payments from your loved ones left behind.

Memorial Funeral Home has a caring and courteous staff, with honesty and integrity, economical and affordable prices. We honor most pre-arranged funeral plans and burial insurance. For a price quote, call or contact our pre-need counselor, Trish Wilburn (865) 983-2050.

“No One” Under the age of 100 turned down.

Some restrictions and limitations may apply due to health and age at time of application.